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Her kan du læse mere om projektets resultater, som vil blive offentliggjort løbende. 

Farm animal welfare in Europe: From legislation to labelling (arbejdspapir)

Af Peter Sandøe & Tove Christensen (2018)
Institut for Fødevare- og Ressourceøkonomi, Københavns Universitet

Uddrag (Introduction)

The modern idea of animal welfare was born in Europe in the 1960s in response to the concerns of informed citizens about the plight of animals in modern, intensive animal production. Since then the idea has undergone several significant transformations. To understand today’s focus on animal welfare as a consumer issue we therefore propose, in this paper, to track the idea back to its origins. Se we begin by (in Section 2.-4.) by providing the wider context within which the final presentation of animal welfare as a driver in the market for animal products in Europe (in Sections 5.-6.) can be understood. We will throughout use regulation of pig production and the market for pork as an illustration.

Fuldtekst (pdf)